"Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

Hi, my name is Jan Kohút (Honza). I spent my childhood in a little village called Velká nad Veličkou. After finishing primary school, I went to Uherské Hradiště to study grammar school. It was there where I first started to wonder about music, prose, lyrics, poetry, etc. Well, to put it simply, about art. It was not only about wonder but also about first attempts to create something mine. First tones on the guitar, first lines of poetry, now, for a good reason, forever forgotten. After graduation, I continued to Brno (the second-largest city in the Czech Republic) to study information technology. I began to take photos and be more engaged in poetry. I watched tons of tutorials about photography and editing. For the first time, I didn't consider my singing to be totally out of tune. I read wonderful books about the "rules" of poetry by Mary Oliver and I could not resist the thought of accepting her as my teacher. After I received my master's degree, I was kind of lost. I realized my nihilistic attitude towards life and I knew I had to step further. Towards a belief, an axiom of my own. An endless journey without an end. And so a new era of searching has begun.
Currently, I'm 28 and I study PhD at the Information Technology Faculty of Brno University of Technology. I love to play the guitar, clarinet, piano, and ukulele. I'm not a pro musician and I learned everything by myself. On the guitar, piano, and ukulele, I love to play folk/indie music. On the clarinet, I love to play folklore music, which is specific to our region Horňácko. I also like to dance folklore dances with my folklore group Velička. Apart from poetry, I read mostly classical novels and sometimes I read fantasy series. Every year I go snowboarding to the Alps and I also know how to ski. My favourite activity is hiking, ideally with poles for nordic walking. When it comes to my job/school, I'm mostly interested in artificial intelligence, mainly neural networks. As for now, I'm working on text recognition (OCR).

"Love yourself. Then forget it.
Then, love the world."

First, I "hated" poetry because I couldn’t understand it. But then I realized that you should not even try to understand it. This realization freed me, and I started to enjoy it. I realized that there were people in this world that wrote poetry that I loved. I realized that to found one poem that is perfect for you is often more than to read a whole novel. I can spend hours reading poetry and not find anything I like. Often it just doesn’t speak to me on any level. But I try to overcome it so I could reach the ones I'm going to love. And if I was to find one poem in a hundred that I would love, it would be enough for me. It would worth the fight.
When it comes to writing poetry, it is often little things happening in daily life that inspire me. It can be a smell, touch, look, the way someone says something etc. I realized that the poems I wrote based on these little things are often the best ones. I believe that by capturing little things, and anything that comes out of it, you are getting closer and closer to the meaning of life, or whatever you wish to call it. On the contrary, sometimes I try to write about big things, about something really complicated. It usually ends up as a mess. I mean it's quite confusing and it's not offering you something to hold on to.

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

I decided to buy my first camera (Sony a6000) thanks to my friend whos photos inspired me. At first, I was interested in photographing people that I knew and somehow captured the essence of what they were. Then I also started to be interested in landscape photography. But generally, I shoot anything that seems interesting to me. Lately, I'm trying to get better in video. I've shot most of my pictures with Sony APS-C cameras (a6000, a6500) and Sigma lenses (16mm f/1.4, 30mm f/1.4). Recently, I've bought a Sony A7C with Samyang 45mm f/1.8. I use Capture One for editing.
I love to capture the typical faces of people. I don’t strive for "fakeish" smiles and poses. I try to capture the moment. You can realize that this is quite similar to what I'm trying to do in poetry. In these moments you can see the true nature of life or whatever you wish to call it. As for the landscape, I like it because of nature. Somehow it has this ability to overcome you and I try to capture this in my landscape photos. Whether I use a wide lens to capture huge mountains or a long lens to capture some details. I also like to experiment, so I might shoot something weird from time to time.

"Ain't living in the dark no more.
It's not a promise, I'm just gonna call it."

Hmm, singer-songwriting. It would seem like a natural thing for someone writing poetry and playing some instruments. But weirdly, it is not just a combination of these two worlds but something new. Lyrics and poetry are different. Trust me, if you read poetry and lyrics for some time, you will notice quite a difference. Some lyrics may resemble poetry more, some poetry might by more like lyrics, but they are different. You quickly realize this when you just write some peace of poetry and add some chords over it. It does not work.
For me, it is about the connection between the lyrics and the music. Ideally, it should be so closely tight that it should be almost impossible to "get the message" without listening to the music and listening to the lyrics together. This connection is a world for itself. New possibilities to express yourself, to grasp something ungraspable. It took me a long time to realize this. It was probably the main reason I never liked what I wrote. It always felt like there is no real need for the music or for the lyrics. It never felt like me, until very recently.
Random favourite artists of mine, refresh for more...
Václav Hrabě
Jane Austen
George Orwell
C. S. Lewis
Andrzej Sapkowski
Mary Wollstonecraft

What is bugging me right now...

Try to "get" what Hayley is trying to express in Petals for Armor, if you are not "getting it" search for meanings that other people share. The album has three part which can be broadly sum up as: depression, realization, falling in love with yourself. The goal (of course) is to get to a place where you can fully vibe with the last part. The journey is long and hard. As it should be. Good luck!!!!!

I support...

A podcast that will hopefully make you a little bit wiser.
Pro-love movement, a place to learn what love should be about.
A place to connect with really, really, really interesting people.
If you speak Czech, you can read an interview with me and Jaroslav Podloucký...
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