New photo collection: Lake District

—  25. 02. 2023  —

In early August, I spent some time in Lake District and Manchester. I took more than two thousand photos, which, due to the little amount of free time and multiple burnouts over the editing and selecting process, took me more than half a year to edit. I hope that I will never undertake such a long editing journey again cause' it almost completely halted my desire for taking new photos and left me no choice but to stack the photos I've taken nevertheless.

In Manchester, I was enjoying free time with my cousin, while I was waiting for a decent weather forecast for Lake District. The best experience was seeing Much Ado For Nothing by Shakespeare performed by a "touring" theater of 5 actors that would build the stage and perform all the roles without any amplification on their own. Also, as I've lately started to dance swing, I joined a local community for an evening lesson and a following social dancing. The photos.

Lake District had a beautiful picturesque landscape. I backpacked throughout three camps and hiked both shorter and longer distances. The longest distance was about 35km with an elevation of 1.8km. I took those night photos in two-thirds of this hike, while the remaining descent included: being lost in marshes while the sun was long under the horizon and meeting random sheep at night together with waking up all the flocks I passed. One unexpected thing to see was a fighter jet training that regularly took place in the local hills/mountains, one time three jets passed over my head, and the noise was overwhelming. I hope I managed to capture the essence of the landscape and my wandering. I created two sets of photos mini and full. The mini contains 50 photos and it is a subset of the full which contains 136 photos. The purpose of the mini is to not overload you with too many photos, then if you like it, you may discover "bonus" photos in the full set.


New poetry collection: Revelate

—  20. 12. 2021  —

I've finished a new poetry collection called Revelate. It was written as a response to a major breakthrough in my existential crisis. I was determined to write something positive, but as I've been struggling most of the time, it rather turned out to be a record of me trying to convert angst into kindness. Looking back at it, I think that this tendency is present throughout the poems and maybe it is the most valuable lesson I can take from Revelate.


Trip to Schladming, new camera, new home for photos

—  17. 10. 2021  —

Me and my brother were hiking around Schladming (Austria), you can find some new photos in multiple galleries (People, Landscape, Experimental, and Mini). You can find even more photos on Zonerama. I will use Zonerama for my future photo uploads as my free Flickr account is almost full. Also, I kind of like the Zonerama user interface and it allows me to upload photos in an easier manner (than Flickr). You can access my Zonerama through the retro camera icon in the navigation bar. I've created a new gallery called Mini mostly for close-up minimalistic shots.

As you can notice from the EXIFs, I own a new camera. I've sold all my old equipment and bought Sony A7C with Samyang 45mm f/1.8 (cover photo), currently the smallest interchangeable lens full-frame camera (not much bigger than my old APS-C Sony a6500). I'm quite happy with it, retro body powered by powerful technologies.


lockdown 33303

—  17. 7. 2021  —

The lockdown 33303 is long finished but I haven't concluded it yet. So, the initial plan to take a picture a day wasn't quite successful. Also, I was determined to take a certain picture but there was no occasion to do so. Because of this, the project kind of went out of control. If you are interested in photography you may notice the dreamlikeness of the shots. The idea was to go against the mainstream and instead of the low-key, high-contrast, suppress-color approach do the absolute opposite. High-key, low-contrast, colorful, yeah, that's what I like! There is a certain paint-like quality to it. If you find yourself experimenting with it, you may realize that the suppression of contrast is going to suck the colors a lot. The solution is to simply boost the colors. Pro tip: change the hue for the colors you don't necessarily like but try to not suppress them.


In Dreams

—  23. 5. 2021  —

I've created a new collection of poems called In Dreams. So far, I wrote two poems about my recent dreams. I tried only to capture the essential feeling of those dreams. I do not wish to assigned them certain meanings. I think the main value lies in the way it feels. This feeling can cause certain thoughts that can take you somewhere, somewhere else. I plan to keep this collection open for other dreams that may come in the future.


Exploration of Memories EP

—  21. 2. 2021  —

My first EP called Exploration of Memories is out. You can check it here. In autumn I got the idea and I was determined to finish it before Christmas. But there were no songs yet, just the idea and as I was busy with other stuff I managed to write and record just three songs out of four planned. Almost nobody knew about it, but it was always public. You could listen to every song just as I finished it if only you knew. This secrecy allowed me to play my first-ever concert as a surprise for a couple of my friends. It took a place in the kitchen of an old house somewhere in the White Carpathians on the last day of 2020. What can I say? It is always wonderful to get any reaction to any of your art from the people around you. It is the final destination that makes it meaningful after all.

After Tomáš sent me photographs of me I decided to wait until I got the final song finished. So, it was clear that I was not gonna publish it in 2020. But now, it is finally out and I'm even gonna tell to someone. As the idea of the EP was born quite some time ago, the songs seem to be memories of memories (of memories of memories of...), which makes them even more melancholic to me.

Hope, it's gonna mean something to you.